Sep 23, 2010

The Comic Impotence of the Indian Youth

I started writing this article in the aftermath of the Mumbai Terrorist attack. It is what I have observed and felt.
Where was I when the terrorists attacked??? I was sitting at home watching the horror unfold in front of my eyes. First I was bewildered... later furious – was wondering how these people got in and what daring to infiltrate one of the strongest pillars of Indian democracy, its financial capital. But in the end, it seemed almost comical. How could a city like Mumbai allow itself to fall prey to a prank like this.... this had to be unreal... but it was very real... real funny that is...
What did we do?? We sat in our homes while spineless pot-bellied cops tried to kill the terrorists armed with the lathis donated by the British. When i saw telephonic intercepts on the news, I was even more bewildered. In at least 2 spots, the police were inside the attacked structures at exceptional strategic locations. Could they have prevented this all? Maybe – had they been given the backup when it was required the whole tragedy could have been averted.
I felt ashamed when our home minister acted like a woman going for a party – changing clothes like a courtesan – to charm the waiting sharks. Ha... that was a sight I tell you. Hell, the navy headquarters is a stone throw away from the Taj – but they were waiting for “orders”.
But maybe we are too used to this. The political blame-game that followed was legendary. And for the first time I was reminded of the “Shame of Being an Indian”. Let me be very frank, i wanted to go out there and fight for my country. I wanted to rip those terrorists cell by the vary cell of their being. But what did i do?? I was confined to the sofa like many other youths. That was the time when i was reminded of the IMPOTENCE OF THE INDIAN YOUTH. 


sid said...

It's not only the impotence of the youth of this country, but somehow each and every system here is bizarre.

The manner in which our security forces responded during all this is literally non-existent in the First World countries. It's all so coordinated over there: they have these fabulous police cars in addition to the ariel units that zero in on the target in no time. And you must've heard one police officer named Tukaram Omle being shot dead by Kasab himself. In the West, officers make the suspect to somehow lock his hands behind his head and he's literally pinned on ground zero.
Here, that man went right to the vehicle (in which Kasab was waiting) without even a pistol; and above all that he was drunk on duty!

And talk of enforcements or backups; well Karkare had asked for them, but didn't get them at all.

We've almost always failed to act against terrorism. Remember Kandahar? It took more than a week for the aged political establishment of ours to act. Such a shame!

In many respects I feel this country's going to the dogs.
And because I've lived in a village, a town and in a city at the same time for five years, I've got well versed with the basic problem that is hurting the nation. That problem is of indifferent attitude--towards man, towards animals, towards the environment, just everything.
No matter how educated that person is; he/she just don't want to change.
Just ask ten people for directions politely, esp. in Mumbai, and more than half of them will be rude and hostile.
I've been an optimist for all these years, but all this just can't be changed.
Not one day goes when I blame myself for being a resident of this once happy and prosperous nation.

Giselle G said...

They say that they salute our spirit- the spirit that makes us travel by trains few hours after the train blasts.They respect this city tht never sleeps or stops no matter what.They admire our courage and our never say die attitude that keeps us going no matter what.
All this sounds good and makes us feel so proud to be a Mumbaikar but I feel SHAME. Shame that we are so used to this that we have become uncaring of others needs.We react only if we are involved otherwise dnt give a damn.We see this in our daily lives whn we fight with fellow passengers in crowded trains for petty issues,don't have tolerance for anything that causes us inconvenience (neighbours/colleagues/house help etc).We have become so selfish and self absorbed that we do not see anything wrong in what we are doing.Fake degrees/fake medical certificates/fake caste certificates/fake job experiences all this is normal and if u dont do this ur called dehati or not ambitious enough.
Every small wrong we do leads to a bigger one somewhere/somehow.There is not a lot we youths can do BUT if we stop cheating on a smaller level and be honest,it will lead to a better,safer and stronger environment where no one can take advantage of us.